Kitchen Cleaning and Tidying Advice

Keeping your kitchen clean and tidy isn’t just good for the way it looks, but is essential for good hygiene practices.  In any area where you are preparing food and drink, it is vital that this area is completely clean and free from germs.

Kitchens are relatively easy to keep clean, as long as you do the cleaning as you go along!  Do not leave it all to do in one go – instead, practice picking up and cleaning as you go.  Start with washing the dishes as soon as you have finished with them, and putting everything away in their correct homes before you go to relax.

The countertops should be cleaned daily, with antibacterial cleaning solution, wipes or a light bleach solution.  You should wear a protective apron over your clothes if you choose to use bleach!  You don’t want to ruin your clothing.

Floors should be cleaned daily, or at least a few times each week.  You can use a broom to sweep dirt and dust away, or a vacuum cleaner.