Finding Curtains to Suit Every Room

Curtains come in a huge range of colours, styles and textures so you are sure to find the right sort for any window in any room.  Here is a brief guide about different types of curtains and when you might use them.

Voile Curtains: these are very sheer panels which add a subtle texture to a room.  They let plenty of light in, whilst keeping out prying eyes.  Ideal for living areas and tall windows.  Allow them to blow in the breeze!

Net Curtains: similar to voile curtains, nets are used to let in light whilst keeping out other peoples gaze.  Net curtains are often made up of intricate lace patterns and are usually white or cream in colour.  Ideal for living areas and kitchens.

Tie Back Curtains: these are curtains which have a strip of fabric, ribbon or string to pull back the curtains and leave an attractive drape in the fabric.