Caring for an Antique Piece of Furniture

If you have ever come into the possession of an antique furniture, you may be unsure as to how to care for this old article without damaging it!  Here is a handy guide to help you out when you first aquire a new piece.

  1. Clean gently: lightly dust the furniture using a soft, lint free cloth.  Do no use any cleaning products or detergents until you have established more about the furniture and what it is made of.  You can usually get the item looking pretty good with just a cloth on its own.
  2. Wax: depending on the wood, you may need to gently wax your furniture in order to preserve the wood.  Try to find out from an antique expert about the piece and what it is made of, as it will depend on the wood type as to which wax you might need.
  3. Keep water away!  If you are going to be using your furniture (perhaps a side table, dining table or chest of drawers), make sure you protect the surface from any water spills.  Always put down coasters or mats to prevent any water drops from getting on the wood.